Blackjack Switch Advanced Strategy

Blackjack Switch Advanced Strategy

Blackjack Switch Advanced Strategy

August 23, 2021  Author51bajie

The Advanced Switching Strategy rules are as follows. To utilize it, sum up the points for each hand in both ways of playing them, then choose the one with the most points. Use the easy technique in the event of a tie.


Consider the following scenario. Consider the following scenario: you have 8+4 and A+8 against a dealer 6; the underlined card is the second one dealt. As a result, you have the option of playing (1) 12 and soft 19, or (2) 8-8 and soft 15. Which pair of hands is the most effective? The 12 is worth 0 points on the table, while the soft 19 is worth 1, for a total of 1. For the alternative, 8-8 is worth one point, and the soft 15 is worth one point as well, for a total of two points. As a result, going to 8-8 and soft 15 is the best bet. It's worth noting that the easy strategy would tell the player not to swap. According to Appendix 1 of my Blackjack Switch, the total expected value of 12 + soft 19 is -0.2108+0.3634=0.1526, while 8-8 + soft 15 has a more excellent expected value 0.1461+0.0365=0.1824.

When comparing the advanced method to the optimal strategy, the cost of mistakes is only 0.08%. For every 24.5 hands, the player will make a bad judgment, and every 250 hands, the player will make a mistake with an estimated value of more than 10%.

House Edge of Blackjack Switch

With six decks and a soft 17, the dealer strikes a soft 17, and a switched blackjack counts as 21 points. The house edge is 0.58% assuming optimal strategy. The following are the consequences of several rule modifications on the house edge:
+0.02% with eight decks
Switched blackjack is always a loser: -0.40%.
Automatic blackjack winner: -0.21%
-0.30% is the dealer's stand on soft 17.

Under Russian regulations, the house edge is 0.20% if early surrender against an ace is permitted.